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Wing Chun Kung Fu - Instructor Course - Level One


Final Instructor program

What is the Instructor program? Basically it.s a complete set of 60+ videos no longer than 6 minutes to watch and learn what to teach your students exactly as I teach mine here.

The whole course is available to you the second you sign up, you can watch the videos on your PC, if you have a mac, ipad or iphone or any device that can view youtube you can watch the course that way too.

After signing up and qualifying as an instructor you become part of an elite privileged circle who will not only be at the top of their game as martial artists but who may choose to go on to teach others, spreading the knowledge of Wing Chun Kung Fu and of course reaping any subscription fees or rewards that you generate via gathering your own set of students and school. This certification is legitimately recognized and respected globally from Hong Kong to Halifax and incorporates weapon disciplines such as with the staff and Butterfly knives, not only will you become proficient as a practitioner and Sifu (teacher) with open hand styles but also with these traditional weapons to add to your growing arsenal.

This course is the successful condensation and focusing of several generations of tuition that has been tried, modified and proven to work both inside the arena and also on the streets as self-defence or as part of a career requiring control and restraint techniques such as the emergency services and armed forces. Because I personally monitor and regular the flow of this Kung Fu only a few places are available and as soon as the course is fully subscribed it will no longer be an option until the next generation of martial artists promote and develop their own in years or decades to come.


Completion of Siu Lim Tau and Chum Kiu (and able to demonstrate it) any lineage


What do you get:-

Instructor level 1 A4 certificate signed and chopped (posted to you)
Recognition as a fourth generation Ip Man lineage instructor
Immediate access to all videos from Siu Lim Tau to Muk Yan Jong
Completely free and immediate access to any new videos that are added
Ability to contact me at any time for help and advice with your school
Get help with your own personal training at anytime.
Be listed on our instructor page.

You get the full course from day one
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